Yangon Diary

Did you know that Myanmar’s Minister for Information, Pe Myint, is an acclaimed translator whose works include Chekhov, Turgenev, and Chicken Soup for the Soul?

Emerging from decades of military rule, Myanmar’s new civilian government is marked by the large number of poets, writers and intellectuals in its ranks.

In 2015, the Select Centre, publisher of Canopy, was privileged to have participated in organising the first international translation programme in the SE Asian country since 1969, training a new generation of translators as the country slowly opens up. The 2015 workshop saw the translation of Alfian Sa’at’s short story “The Hole” by a group of budding literary translators, under the guidance of one of Myanmar’s top translators, Moe Thet Han.

In December 2017, Select Centre once again witnessed history in the making: Myanmar held its first national writers’ conference since 1962, setting the direction for the country’s future literary development. Canopy’s founding editor, Tan Dan Feng, attended and led two panel discussions.

Kate Griffin from Writers Centre Norwich pens this post on the historic event.