Biculturally or multiculturally, the deeper you go you actually find that all these recesses are connected. The deeper you go, the more connected you are. The shallower you become, the more separated they are. Or to put it another way, the higher you reach into the respective cultures, the more you see all the branches and leaves touching each other. But the stalk, the stem, the trunk are very separated. This is where our level of art is. They are very separated. But if you go deeper, the roots touch. You go higher, the branches touch, the leaves touch. And of course the cross-pollination is done up there. And you absorb the same nutrients, deep underneath. And this is the beauty of multiculturalism.

—Kuo Pao Kun (excerpt from “Between Two Worlds: A Conversation with Kuo Pao Kun” in 9 Lives: 10 years of Singapore Theatre (1987-1997). The Necessary Stage, 1997.)

CANOPY is an online magazine devoted to all things intercultural. Our name is inspired by the above metaphor by renowned Singapore cultural theorist Kuo Pao Kun.

We publish new content weekly. This includes translations of prose, poetry, essays, and other literary forms, as well as works related to language, culture, and identity in their original languages.

CANOPY is an initiative of The Select Centre, an institution of public character whose core mission is to advance the interflow of ideas and knowledge between different languages, cultures and disciplines through translation, adaptation and other forms of intercultural practice. We are proud to have been shortlisted for the London Book Fair 2017 Excellence Awards as one of the world’s leading literary translation initiatives.

CANOPY is a work in progress. We hope you can join us in building a platform to improve mutual understanding between the citizens of the world.

Editorial Team (Pro tem):
Tan Dan Feng (Editor)
Margaret Devadason (Associate Editor)
Maniam Kannapphan (Associate Editor)
Bayu Prasetyo Nugroho
Chooi Pei Xuan